DriveClub VR Will Release on October 13th for $39.99

DriveClub VR Will Release on October 13th for $39.99

Sony has announced today on Twitter that DriveClub VR will be releasing on PS4 this October 13th for $39.99. However, that price may be low for North American players, we still don’t know what the cost will be in the UK and Europe.

The announcement came today via the official PlayStation Twitter account that said “Driveclub VR launches exclusively for PS VR on October 13 for $39.99. Buckle up for one of the most immersive racers yet.”

With DriveClub VR’s release date being October 13th, this makes it a launch title for the PlayStation VR. We were unsure as to whether the game would be released in time for the headset’s launch, mainly because Sony sort of skipped around the release date when the game was officially announced a few weeks ago.

DriveClub VR isn’t quite the same as the regular DriveClub that’s currently available on PS4. For one, it’s compatible with the PlayStation VR headset. The game also runs at a higher frame-rate than the original, though it comes at the cost of toning down some of the impressive visual features that make DriveClub really stand out.

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