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Driveclub Will Be Hosting Another Double Fame Event

The closure of Sony’s first-party studio Evolution has been making its rounds in the news lately, as has the fact that the studio has been salvaged by Codemasters and is now working on an upcoming title for them. The big question is: where does that leave Driveclub? Well the official answer is that Sony will continue to support Driveclub for the foreseeable future. What that support entails isn’t exactly clear, but we reckon it won’t go far beyond the odd patch, XP event and keeping the servers online.

Speaking of XP events, we were just looking through the ‘Events’ tab on one of our PS4s and noticed that Driveclub has one coming up. The event will allow you to claim double the amount of Fame while using any of the Mercedes-AMG vehicles for a set period of time. When will you be able to start raking in your double Fame? Well, the event starts on April 30th at 13:00 and ends on May 18th at 13:00.

There you have it, if you want to claim double the Fame it’s as simple as playing the game… while using any Mercedes-AMG vehicle. Interestingly the event’s host is still down as Evolution Studios, make of that as you will. We’ve included a screenshot of the event screen down below so you can check it out for yourself.


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