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Drunkn Bar Fight: Sony’s Censorship, Smooth Turning Update and UK/EU Release Date Revealed

Drunkn Bar Fight, one of the latest PSVR releases this week, has not had the best of starts. For one, the game has only managed to release on the North American PlayStation Store while leaving the UK and Europe out in the cold. The developer behind the game, The Munky, originally stated that the UK/EU release would follow a week later. However, the developer has since said that it will be “a few weeks” until the brawler crosses the pond.

For those who are able to play the game, not everything is rosy. Players have been up in arms at the lack of smooth turning options, and instead are forced to play the game with incremental turning – something that hardcore PSVR fans want nothing to do with. According to The Munky, there originally was smooth turning in the game but it was removed as the developer didn’t think that players would want it.

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The Munky has since stated that an update is planned to re-introduce smooth turning options for those who want it. But that’s not all. When answering questions on Twitter, the studio’s chief, Keith Munky, also revealed more changes that were made in the transition from PCVR to PSVR:

We had to change the PSVR version of the game due to platform requirements. Sony doesn’t want to promote drinking and violence (understandable). So we had to remove “drink to get strong” In the PSVR version you get stronger the more people you fight. You can still throw up if you drink 5 drinks fast.

It seems odd that Sony would want to step in and make demands for a fairly innocent (OK, you do beat people up, but c’mon) game when the likes of GTA V let you drink and drive and toke and fly. Oh, and all the other illegal activities. Why would Sony be so pissy about in-game drinking when many other games do it? Ah, right. Yeah. Maybe it’s to protect the children…

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