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DualShock 4 Wireless USB Adapter Will Let You Use Your Favourite Controller With PC for Remote Play and PS Now

There’s fresh stuff on the horizon for PlayStation fans. Heck, there’s fresh stuff on the horizon for all gaming fans, really. Even if you don’t own a PlayStation console, you’ll soon be able to play through some of the best games the machine has to offer.

Sony has announced that PS Now is going to be made available on PC this August 24th in the UK, Beligum, and the Netherlands. What makes it better is that you’ll be able to use a native DualShock 4 controller without fiddling with a bunch of wires every time you want to boot up The Last of Us. What? Really? No wires?

Yes, no wires. Sony has posted over on the PlayStation Blog that a wireless USB¬†adapter will be released to make playing PS3 games on the PC a little easier. Now that’s a sentence we didn’t think we’d be writing 10 years ago…


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