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Dungeons 3 Announced with Demos at GDC

Games that let you play as the bad guy are some of our favorites. Being an evil overlord is a lot of work, but being evil is just so much fun. Dungeons 3 will let you experience that thrill as you construct your very own dark empire underground. The dungeon-sim will let you build different rooms, traps to keep away do-gooders, and helpful structures.

This will be important, because you are not just making a name for yourself underground. You will be creating an army of nasty creatures such as orcs and zombies to take back the world above ground as well in an RTS-style game.

With randomly generated levels and the return of the original Dungeons narrator, we look forward to seeing this game in action when the developer unveils some demos at GDC, starting February 28th. The full game is scheduled for release later this year.


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Kalypso Media Press Release

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