Dying Light 2 Community Hub Launches Today With Free Goodies for Dying Light

TechlandGG (GG is for Gamer and Goodies – what’s not to love?!) from Dying Light 2 developer and publisher Techland launched today and brings with it an exciting and immersive community.

We all love goodies and extras, zombies and zombie games, and of course, we all especially love extra XP – all of this comes with today’s launch of TechlandGG.

TechlandGG was brought to life today during the first episode of Dying 2 Know – a new YouTube series on Techland’s official channel dedicated to peeking behind the curtain and seeing what’s to come in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

TechlandGG is the new hub dedicated to the community around Techland’s current and future games and offers exclusive goodies not seen anywhere else. Once you’re signed up you’ll have VIP access to game updates, interesting secrets and mysteries as well as cool in-game rewards and items. You’ll also be able to redeem codes, track those sweet, sweet player stats and even have a peek at some behind-the-scenes content. Previously unreleased concept art, images and wallpapers also await all eager TechlandGG new recruits and they are available to download as soon as you’re signed up.

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TechlandGG also gives an exclusive freebie for community members – once signed in and linked up, you can get your hands on a unique weapon called The Wasp for Dying Light.

The Wasp is a brand new weapon taken as inspiration from a weapon on Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Once you have The Wasp, you’ll also have the opportunity to hunt for and collect an exclusive outfit for Aiden, the protagonist from Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Saving the best for last, TechlandGG community members can also earn XP Points to level up their account and unlock special bonuses by completing both in-game challenges and finishing “real life” tasks. For example, you can earn some extra XP Points by logging into TechlandGG, watching trailers on Techland’s YouTube channel or completing in-game quests. TechlandGG also plans to expand the XP Point system by allowing players to collect XP by subscribing to Techland’s newsletter, finding hidden easter eggs and searching for special content on social media.

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