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Dying Light 2 Trailer Shows Off Factions, New Weapons, And Parkour Moves

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A new trailer for Dying Light 2: Stay Human has been revealed during Gamescom diving into the story and characters you’ll encounter in The City.

The release of Dying Light 2: Stay Human is only months away at this point and is seemingly still on track for its release date on December 7th, as such Techland has already shown off a good bit of gameplay and sold a lot of people on the sequel, however, this new trailer dives a bit more into the narrative and what players can expect.

The trailer begins with a new protagonist Aiden Caldwell as he laments the crumbling of society due to the outbreak of the virus with remnants of the old world scattered throughout The City, which has now been named Villedor. The City has been split into factions, with each of them sporting pretty impressive character designs, one brutish enemy in particular looks about ready to step into the Thunderdome. There are also some creepy plague doctor types around these parts, a particularly nice touch and in line with Techland’s design choice of “modern Dark Ages”

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There’s plenty of new parkour moves that are on show here with Dying Light 2: Stay Human set to include double the parkour moves of its predecessor. I’m not the best at 1st person platforming, mostly cause I have zero hand-eye coordination, but if the parkour mechanics are as fun to play as they are to watch then I feel like Techland are on to something special .

A short presentation was also released during Gamescom showing the graphical capabilities that Techland has been able to achieve with Raytracing which you can see for yourself here.

You can also check out the new gameplay trailer below, there are some new weapons on display like brass knuckles and a crowbar that can literally knock enemies off their feet through aftershock, a little over the top, but also a lot of fun, so who cares. Players who pre-order Dying Light 2: Stay Human will also have access to the Reload outfit, complete with weapon and paraglider skins.

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