Dying Light and Rust: Console Edition Crossover Event Starts Today

Dying Light continues to get post-release updates and special events, even with Dying Light 2 just around the corner. Incredible.

If you’re waiting for Dying Light 2 by spending your free time running around in Harran, you’ll be getting a freebie today, courtesy of a new crossover event between Dying Light and Rust: Console Edition which brings some new Rust-themed gear to Dying Light.

From today, at least in the EU and Japan – the event actually started June 17th in other territories – the Rust crossover brings new themed weapons, a new human enemy type, and new in-game challenges via the free Rust Bundle.

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It’s not the biggest update Dying Light ever got, sure, but it’s something and it’s free. If you’re still playing the game, it can’t hurt to see what the crossover stuff is all about, can it? Unless it makes you want to go and play Rust…

Dying Light recently got a re-release as Dying Light: Platinum Edition on PS4. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any next-gen upgrades on either next-gen console, but if you somehow (HOW?!?!) missed out on Techland’s awesome zombie game when it originally released, it might be worth a look. Oh, and that also includes the more recently released update for the game’s Hellraid expansion. I’m putting money on Dying Light getting updates even after Dying Light 2 release date has been and gone.

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