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Dying Light Celebrates It’s Fourth Birthday with Double XP

Dying Light turns four this year, and developer, Techland, has something special planned. To celebrate the anniversary, there will be a special event in-game that will give you double XP. They will also be giving away the Rocket League Buggy Skin for the first time. Check out the trailer to watch some fans talk about why they continue to love it so much.

Techland’s CEO, Pawel Marchewka, describes the impact the game has had on the company.

“The last four years have brought not only Dying Light, but also the whole company to a whole new level – our development and publishing teams have grown in people whose passion directly shows in our games. Those talented team members and our dedicated community are a huge part of Techland’s DNA and have inspired us to keep Dying Light alive and running for so long.”

It’s a labor of love, but it’s also a profitable game for the company. Techland says that the policy of DLC, listening to the fans, and community engagement has led to increased sales over last year. For a game that’s four years old, that’s rare. There are developers and publishers who would probably engage in human sacrifice to dark elder gods to make that happen. I’ve not heard anything directly, but that’s my guess.

After being announced at E3 2018, there is no release date for Dying Light 2, but it sounds like we have a lot more zombie action coming our way.

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