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Dying Light Developers Working On 2 New AAA Games

The development team TechLand who were behind the brilliant Dying Light have announced that they are working on 2 brand new AAA games both to be released within the next 2 years, Dying Light earn’t the team a lot of fans who are eagerly awaiting their next title. They have completely separated the two teams for the two games, one team is working out of Warsaw and the other from Wroclaw with their third studio based in Vancouver providing technological support to both.

Now they have given us some very vague details about one of the games, but they are details nonetheless and are much appreciated. One of the titles will feature a big open fantasy world with RPG elements and the other game they haven’t given us anything to go on yet, perhaps a sequel to the massively successful Dying Light? Without a doubt many people will have many different theories on what it could be, if you think you know what they’re working on leave us a comment at the bottom.

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