Dying Light Gets Another Event to Celebrate July 4th and Some Gamer-Themed Goodies

Techland’s outrageous post-release support for Dying Light seems to be never-ending as the developer has released a brand new weapon bundle and announced a new event to celebrate American Independence.

Dying Light developer Techland has announced today that Dying Light will be hosting another event and that from today, players can get their hands on a new weapon pack inspired by gamers. RGB weapons galore.

The new weapon pack is available today and the story behind the gear is that it was all crafted in a pro gamer’s hideout. Who else is better prepared to fight off the zombie apocalypse, right?

The pack is on sale as The Savvy Gamer Bundle, and it includes:

  • RGB AXE-Pad – a one-handed axe with added shock damage on consecutive hits
  • Next-Gen Maul – an epic two-handed hammer that deals shock damage during charged attacks
  • Bow – “LED Meta Bow”
  • Player Outfit – “1337 G4m3R Outfit”
  • Buggy Skin – “4wheelz”

From July 1st, 2021 up until July 11th, there will be a new in-game event to celebrate July 4th, otherwise known as America’s Independence Day.

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The event will challenge all players to get a combined kill count of 10,000,000 zombie kills with fireworks, and those who partake in the challenge will be rewarded with three King Mods if the community achieves the target. If you manage to kill 50 zombies with fireworks, you’ll be rewarded with a random Gold Melee Weapon. There is a catch, however, as you’ll only get five fireworks per-day from the Quartermaster, so make them count.

While Dying Light is still getting cool updates more than five years after its original release, Techland is preparing to release Dying Light 2: Stay Human later this year on consoles and PC. The developer is hosting another Dying 2 Know livestream on July 1st, so don’t miss out if you want to know everything about Dying Light 2.

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