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Dying Light Update 1.10 is Live on PS4, Patch Notes Inside

Dying Light has a brand new update that has just released on PS4.

The New update is version 1.10 and it’ll take up approximately 1.3GB of precious hard drive space on your PS4.

So, what does the new update actually entail? Well, it fixes a few things and does away with some bugs as well as making some improvements to the co-op side of the game.

Dying Light 1.10 Patch Notes

  • Various stability improvements (including co-op)
  • Minor tweaks and fixes
  • Various balance tweaks regarding Be the Zombie mode.

Dying alight: The Following DLC fixes:

  • Fixed losing buggy parts after playing Be the Zombie
  • Fixed buggy paint job replication
  • Minor fixes improving balance

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