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DYING: Reborn Set to Release in Two Days

Oasis Games hasn’t been particularly loud about their latest PlayStation VR/PlayStation 4 title, DYING: Reborn. Case in point, an announcement was made that the game will release this Tuesday. Yes, two days from now Tuesday. We’ll make an effort to catch you up if you haven’t heard of this escape horror game.

You play as Mathew, a distraught individual who attempts to find his sister after receiving a mysterious note from her. (No it’s not Mia.) Unfortunately, on his journey he awakens in a strange hotel with no recollection of how he got there. Enter the Saw like mechanics. Our hero has to escape this hotel and its many rooms by solving puzzles and exploring in an effort to find his sibling.

The PS4 version will include six chapters of gameplay and cost $19.99 while the PSVR will have three and be $9.99. Something about it being more intense and all that. So each portion will act as a separate entity.

DYING: Reborn is being developed by Oasis games who is behind the likes of Legend Online, Naruto Online, and KOI. The latter acted as the developer’s debut on console and received mixed reviews. Once again the announcement didn’t come with a trailer, but one was easily located thanks to Youtube. You can check out the video above and be aware it focuses on environments. Maybe a little too much…


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Oasis Games Press Release

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