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E2 2018: Astro Bot Rescue Mission is the VR Platformer We’ve All Been Waiting For

Remember that collection of free mini games that Sony released for the PSVR headset? The ones with the little robot fellas? The Playroom VR. One of the best experiences within The Playroom VR was the mini-platforming game where you took control of one of the robots and it played out like a traditional 3rd-person platformer. And it was brilliant. Ever since it released, PSVR fans have been asking for a full-on version of that one level.

And we’re getting it, but in the form of Astro Bot Rescue Mission, which is being developed by the same studio that put The Playroom VR together. There’s some gameplay in the embedded video up above, as well as some comments from the game’s developer. It’s all interesting stuff and I highly recommend giving it a watch.

There’s no release date as of yet for Astro Bot Rescue Mission, but keep an eye out here on Pure PlayStation and we’ll let you know as soon as we find out.

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