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E3 2016: Crash Bandicoot Remastered Being Developed By Vicarious Visions

Sony and Activision dropped a pure bombshell on gamers by announcing that Crash Bandicoot is going to be making a comeback on PS4 in the form of a remaster. To be fair, we’d been expecting it for a while, though we didn’t count on it being done by Activision.

Activision doesn’t have the best track-record when it comes to remastering games for the PS4 – just look at Prototype, Prototype 2 and Deadpool as examples of rushed ports that were made for a quick buck.

However, we’re cautiously optimistic about the Crash Bandicoot PS4 remaster as it’s got some proper talent behind it: Vicarious Visions. Activision announced today that one of its own studios would be working bringing the original trilogy to the PS4, though we’re still not sure how it’s going to be. Will it be a paint job over the original games, or will they be completely re-made from scratch? Will they still play the same, or will the controls be modernised and the checkpoints a bit more friendly for today’s gamers? These are the questions we’re still waiting on answers for.

There’s no word on a release date as of yet, though Sony stated that the remaster¬†trilogy will release at some point in 2017. Before then there’s Gamescom and the annual PlayStation Experience (PSX) so perhaps we’ll see more of Crash and co then.

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