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E3 2016: There’s A New Exclusive Spider Man Game Coming To PS4

Rumours have being circulating as of late in regards to a new PS4 exclusive Spider Man game being in development at Sucker Punch (Infamous and Sly Cooper). The rumours were right about one thing; Spider Man is coming exclusively to PS4. However, the game is not being developed at an internal Sony first-party studio. Instead it’s being outsourced to Insomniac Games (Ratchet and Clank and Sunset Overdrive). It looks like Sony and Marvel are taking the Rocksteady Batman Arkham approach; instead of tying the new Spider Man game down to a movie it will be its own separate story.

We haven’t gotten a release date yet so presumably it will be a 2017 game. What we do have is a brand spanking new trailer which makes the game look pretty damn hot! Like most Spider Man games from the past this one looks like it will allow players to free-roam (free-swing?) around New York. The trailer is action packed and shows off a host of Spider Man’s new web-moves. You’ll also get a nice look at the new costume which we like quite a lot. You can check out the trailer below. Enjoy.

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