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E3 2016: Three Crash Bandicoot Games Are Being Remade And He Will Feature In Skylanders Imaginators

Sony obviously believe in fan service and to prove it they are partnering up with Activision to bring remakes of the first three, Naughty Dog developed, Crash Bandicoot games to PS4. Unfortunately they did not show any footage of the remakes or reveal a release date. We’re also unsure if they’ll be sold separately or as part of one package – or perhaps both. If we were betting men we’d put our money on the remakes being treated like the recent Ratchet and Clank one. That would mean they will be true to the original while being made more accessible for a modern audience, being improved in certain areas (Crash 1 could definitely benefit from that gameplaywise) and of course they’ll look a hell of a lot prettier.

In other Crash news everyone’s favourite Bandicoot will also be appearing as a playable character in the upcoming Skylanders Imaginators. It will be releasing during October, 2016. If Crash isn’t enough for you then you’ll also be able to create your own Skylander in the game – but seriously who won’t be playing as Crash? You can check out a trailer for Skylanders Imaginators below.

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