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E3 2016: Watch The Entire Bethesda E3 Press Conference Right Here

As you probably know by now E3 2016 kicked off yesterday with EA’s pretty awful press conference. However, there was a saving grace in the form of Bethesda’s conference shortly afterwards. Unfortunately, while those of you in the States could watch the conference at a reasonable time those of us in Europe could not. For example, this editor had to catch the repeat of Bethesda’s conference this morning because it was originally streamed at 3am in Ireland.

If you also missed the conference and want to watch the whole thing uninterrupted then we’re here to help. Below this paragraph you’ll find a three hour video which contains everything Bethesda streamed yesterday. There’s a bunch of pre and post-show interviews and so on to watch in the video but if you’re only interested in the conference itself then you’ll find it sandwiched in at around the 1:12:20 mark.

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