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E3 2017: Call of Duty: WWII’s New Multiplayer Modes Go to War

Ah, the annual Call of Duty hype affair. As much as people love to bash on the franchise and its overlord, this particular writer is actually rather fond of the long-running shooter, if only for the action-packed single-player campaigns and the now-standard zombie offerings.

This year’s entry is taking Call of Duty back to its roots with Call of Duty: WWII. Activision has heard loud and clear that players are sick of the future jetpacks and fancy gadgets, so the series is going back to the days before broadband and spaceships.

The campaign, we imagine, will be the usual affair. However, that’s not what most people buy into when they drop their cash on a new Call of Duty. No, it’s typically the multiplayer suite that ends up being a time-sink. Activision and Sledgehammer Games will be showing off some of the new multiplayer modes during this year’s E3. In the run up to Activision’s presser, the publisher has released a few details on what to expect from Call of Duty: WWII’s multiplayer.

For starters, this E3 will give players some hands-on time with the game for the very first time since the initial reveal; we’ve only ever seen the developers playing the game. We’ll also get our first look at the new Divisions feature that will give players motivation to keep playing by focusing their multiplayer progress as they join one of five iconic (no cap provided) World War II Divisions. Each division is unique in the weapons and abilities its members can employ on the battlefield. They are:

Airborne: First to the fight, where you move fast and stay quiet
Mountain: Focusing on precise and deadly sharpshooting
Infantry: Be the tip of the spear
Armored: Bringing the heaviest firepower
Expeditionary Force: Packing heat with incendiary shells

That’s not all. There’s also the new narrative-driven multiplayer War Mode, co-developed by Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered developer Raven Software. War Mode is a completely new addition to the Call of Duty formula. Players will have to work as a team in iconic (again, no caps provided) locations from World War II.

Then there’s the social-hub, Headquarters. Instead of players aiming to blow each other’s heads off, Headquarters gives players a place to chill out and show off their progress to other players, chat among friends, and maybe even find new ones. Aww, cute.

Activision has also stated that players should look out for a special announcement in the near future about the upcoming Private Beta which is only available to those who’ve pre-ordered Call of Duty: WWII.

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