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E3 2017: Days Gone Will Have a Big Showing at This Year’s E3

Remember Days Gone, the PS4 exclusive from Uncharted: The Golden Abyss developer Sony Bend? You’d be forgiven for not having it at the forefront of your mind as the developer hasn’t been very loud about the game since last year’s E3.

That’s going to change this year, though, as voice actor Sam Witwer has stated during a livestream on Twitch that Days Gone will be shown in a “big way” during Sony’s E3 presser. What that means is still a mystery, but we’re assuming we’ll see more gameplay and maybe, just maybe, even a release date. What? We can dream can’t we?

For those who have completely forgotten what Days Gone is, here’s a brief summary: The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world (yes, another one) where zombies are running around in massive gangs. Think Cardiff city centre on a Saturday night when all the boyos (aright butt, wha’s occurrin’?) have come down from the valleys for a weekend of binge drinking. The game features an open-world and will have all the usual buzzwords – crafting, lite RPG elements, survival, vehicles, combat, and so on. There’s no release date as of yet but it’s likely that it’ll be announced at E3 2017.

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