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E3 2018: Anthem Coming Feb 2019

UPDATED: Added gameplay video and discussion at the bottom of the article.

EA confirmed Anthem will release on February 22nd, 2019 during its E3 Press Conference. (Sorry, Days Gone.) Along with a new cinematic trailer, they showed some heavily-edited gameplay from a new E3 demo and answered some very important questions.

First, there will be a single player story. It’s a Bioware game, but there is a multiplayer aspect, and you can keep playing after the story ends. Playing with friends is strongly encouraged, but you can play alone. It will just be more challenging.

Second, Anthem is a game, but it’s really a platform. (Maybe I am the densest human alive, but this is just EA’s spin on the Destiny model. You even have some kind of AI guide, based on the gameplay demo.) The world can be changed or increased through phenomena in the world, like storms, and it can have more content. Expect more to be added in the future.

Speaking of Destiny, the enemy in this world is called The Dominion. It’s vague, but I am hoping that Bioware will build up the story inside the game and not ask me to go look on a web page or index. (Let me know if I am being too sassy.)

You are a freelancer in Anthem, and any of the four armored javelin suits are available for you to pilot. Each has its own style, and you are not tied to anything. In news that should make everyone thrilled, they will be selling “vanity objects”, but there are no lootboxes to buy or items that influence the actual gameplay. You can change the color and even the geometry of your javelin to your preferences.

It looks good so far, but I want to see more. How long is the campaign? Will it be mostly repetitive? What kind of expansion schedule can I expect? The nuts and bolts of Anthem are still being held a little under wraps. With eight months before release, we still have plenty of time to see if Anthem is our new obsession.

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