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E3 2018: Dying Light 2 Wants You to be Even More Afraid of the Dark

It seems as though we PlayStation-ers learned a lot from Microsoft. Because in addition to them announcing Devil May Cry 5, the opposition also got the chance to show off Dying Light 2. But judging from the trailer above, that light is practically out. You brought batteries, right?

The video leaves us feeling helpless and hopeless watching what has become an even bleaker world. But we do get a glimpse at how the sequel will continue the first’s legacy of playing, or more like hiding, at height. Those rooftop tactics sure saved this writer from becoming zombie fodder on more than one occasion. 

If the first impressed, then the second is bound to stir even greater admiration thanks to the inclusion of renowned writer and designer Chris Avellone. Chris has worked his magic on previous titles such as Fallout 2 and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, so knows a thing or two about crafting a strong narrative-driven story. Something he’s keen to include in Dying Light 2.

He explained that your decisions will prove important in the sequel – the choices you make will affect the world around you. Outcomes to missions will have a direct impact on town morale, whilst some moves will make areas more difficult later. And they’ll all combine to create a unique survival experience, though they’re not as clean-cut as good choice, bad choice, nice choice, evil choice.

It allows you to carve out your own world,” he said. Worryingly, he then went on to say that the nights, those terrifying periods of darkness plagued by the undead, would be even darker. Gulp!

Let’s hope there is plenty of buggying to be had.

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