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E3 2018: Embrace Your Emotions in Sea of Solitude

Sea of Solitude was announced as a new game in the EA Originals program, and it may have been one of the more interesting parts of the E3 presentation. The developer onstage talked about the game as a journey of loneliness saying, “When humans get lonely, they become monsters”. The game’s message tells you to embrace all of yourself, including the negative parts.

Her enthusiasm and sincerity were deeply genuine, and she was speaking somewhat from experience when she talked about the game.

Beyond the trailer, we only have an early 2019 release date. Among the bombastic explosions, sports spectacles, and Stars Wars (almost an) announcement, this game fits the “one of these is not like the other” in the best way. Good for you EA, and I look forward to seeing more of Sea of Solitude.

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