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E3 2018: Fallout 76 Will Combat Assassin Playstyles But How We Don’t Know

Bethesda has reassured fans that they are putting measures in place to stop needless “friendly fire” in Fallout 76. However, the studio has failed to elaborate anymore on that comment.

Fallout 76 has provoked mixed responses from the gaming community due to it only being playable online and always in the presence of other players. The criticisms largely revolve around the concern that the more, let’s call them, inconsiderate survivors might take it upon themselves to change the game’s focus from the story arc of its campaign to just annihilating anyone that moves. Similar tactics have been observed in GTA Online, where snipers are known to congregate near the popular respawn site that is the hospital.

The lack of mention by Bethesda at the reveal caused an online frenzy, with commenters already stating they’re bypassing this one and holding tight for Fallout 5. But now the studio has addressed the issue during an interview with GameSpot, saying, “[We allow] for that sort of tension but with systems in place that keep it from being abusive. So you can’t be harassed by somebody who just keeps chasing you around the world and keeps killing you over and over again; the game literally doesn’t allow that to happen to you.” 

In an attempt to further reassure fans, Pete Hines continued by reiterating that if you do happen to meet your maker, either through honourable or un-honourable means, your progression isn’t lost and your possessions aren’t given away.  “Death isn’t supposed to be a super negative thing,” he said. “You don’t lose your progression, you don’t lose all your stuff, somebody can’t kill you and then take everything in your inventory [and then you have to] start over.”

But unfortunately the interview still leaves the question, ‘Can you turn off player Vs player combat?’ Again, that is a measure taken in similar titles where the ability has been abused, and one we expect Bethesda to have no choice but to implement. For now we can only speculate but it would be nice if they explained themselves a little more because their answers here will not silence many critics.

Are you prepping yourself for Fallout 76? Or are you sheltering until Fallout 5 says you’re ready to go outside? Pass us a bottle of Nuka Cola and leave a halo tape below.

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