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E3 2018: God of War Wrangles New Game Plus but it Won’t be Easy

Sony’s E3 2018 conference had a lot about new games, but also a bit about the old. Not that I’m calling God of War and Kratos old; I swear, oh mighty one. In it they announced that the King of conflict has bagged himself a New Game Plus Mode, which is proving quite popular in recent times.

In it, you’ll be able to restart the adventure with all your equipment and level ups intact, though you will be stripped of any story related memorabilia you’ve picked up along the way. However, in case you’re worried that you’ll be able to pound the enemy into submission only using your pinky, Sony also confirmed that the enemy will be scaled up accordingly to give you a challenge.

As of yet, that’s all we know. They haven’t even given us a release window, only that it’s currently in development and will be out when it’s out.

We’re surprised that it’s taken this long – would you say no to that face? But just like the photo mode, it’s better late than never.

Has this got you stoked up to take God of War for another spin? Maybe you’ve got an axe to grind with a certain boss and you can’t wait to face them again. 

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