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E3 2018: New Prey Free Update and DLC Coming

After many rumors and leaks, there is a new free update available for Prey right now. It adds three new modes – Story, New Game Plus, and Survival. Get out there and relive the adventure on Talos I. Story will be easier and focus on telling Prey’s story. Survival will challenge even the most hardcore player.

The new DLC, Mooncrash, is a procedurally generated mission in which you have to escape from the Moon. It almost looked like a rogue-lite. The trailer shows how the creatures and areas can change up with every new attempt.

Typhon Hunter is a new multiplayer mode coming later this summer. It puts one human against five mimics. The mimics can hide in plain sight, so there will be plenty of jump scares. My secret is to smash every coffee cup just to be sure. The anger from not being able to drink coffee gives me an unlimited supply of cup-smashing rage. It’s a vicious cycle.

Download the free update, and check out the Mooncrash trailer for more info. It says it’s available now, but PSN is always a little slow to update.

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