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E3 2018: New Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trailers Show Gameplay Changes and Graphical Improvements

The past two Tomb Raider games have been fantastic, but Shadow of the Tomb Raider may the best yet. Lara will try to stop a Maya apocalypse. Since those never happen in a convenient place, she will go through dangerous jungles and dark tombs full of deadly obstacles.

Shadows is the last game in which she is becoming the Tomb Raider she is meant to be. I’m not sure of the exact job qualifications, but you would think she would have nailed it after the first two games. She has prior tomb raiding experience on her resume. She also has one of the best bows in all of gaming.

To prove it, we have two new trailers from E3. The trailer at the top is a gameplay trailer showing some very thrilling moments. It’s good, but the trailer at the bottom is even better. It is the “becoming one with the jungle” trailer. It shows Lara stealth killing her way across the jungle with some developer commentary at the beginning and end. It aired at Square Enix’s showcase earlier today.

With only three months to go, we look forward to picking up Shadow of the Tomb Raider when it launches on September 14th.

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Press Release from Square Enix

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