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E3 2018: Tetris Effect Looks Proper Trippy in New Gameplay

Tetris Effect may not have had any stage time during Sony’s E3 presser, but that hasn’t stopped it from being one of the most interesting announcements of E3 week, well, for me at least.

The game was originally announced during Sony’s pre-E3 livestreams, and it got people talking right away. With its unique, trippy, and vibrant art style, it caught more than a few eyes. What’s more is that the game will be playable on not just a regular PS4 console, but also in PSVR, which should make for quite the experience.

There’s some fresh gameplay in the clip up above, as well as words from the developers themselves.

Tetris Effect does not have a solid release date as of yet, but the initial announcement stated that it would release later this year.

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