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E3 2018: The Last of Us Part II Gameplay Trailer Amazes

Naughty Dog proves once again that it is a master storyteller and developer. During the PlayStation Showcase tonight, they showed almost twelve minutes from the game, and it’s tough to believe that it is coming to the PS4. The story part at the beginning is so rich with little details from body language to slight facial movements. They really know how to set a scene.

The gameplay in the trailer is equally impressive. Ellie is fighting a nasty group of what I assume are bandits. The environments are enormous and detailed, allowing so much freedom. It sounds like such a little thing, but check out how the grass and ferns move. Ellie can grab enemy weapons on the go or use a person as human shield. The transition from hiding in the grass to under a truck is so smooth. The fight in the store was so dynamic! There are so many little things perfectly coming together.

The Last of Us Part II may come out next year if we are lucky. Until then, give the trailer a watch to appreciate the work that is going into creating this world.

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