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E3 2019: Dragon Quest Builders 2 Trailer Showcases Story

Dragon Quest Builders 2 has only gone and got itself a new trailer, courtesy of Square Enix and E3 2019. And it’s a pleasant little watch, but there’s little jolly about the underlying plot.

That’s because an evil cult (as if there’s any other kind) has banned the building community’s beloved crafting and cooking, and only you – an escapee – can stop them.

The first was hardly all sweetness and light; in fact, it was your job to bring the light back to the cursed land. But Dragon Quest Builders 2 does seem to contain a darker story to the first, what with the c word (cult) doing the rounds. Still, there are a number of new features planned for the second that are going to elevate the game to be heights, despite the first being so warmly received.

These include the ability to fly overland, fast travel and undertake underwater journeys, along with cooperative play and a wider variety of adventure destinations. Its combat sequences have been enhanced, for those RPG lovers out there, whilst the crafting recipe book has also undergone a revamp (cars, anyone?).

Finally, the community will be more involved in the day to day running of your village encampment, whilst the addition of crops is designed to also enhance its role playing pedigree.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 takes on the evil cult people July 12th, with a playable demo promised for June 27th. Will you be standing up for the brainwashed? 

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