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E3 2019: Freedom Finger Is A Music-Fueled, Bat$#!% Crazy Space Shooter

Freedom Finger is a side-scrolling shooter where you play as a giant metal fist, speeding its way through the cosmos, blasting, punching and f&#$ing things up as you go.

Following a satirical story that covers everything from communism to sriracha, you’ll wreak havoc across 36 handcrafted levels, with each gameplay beat syncopated to the game’s frenetic, eclectic soundtrack. Nolan North and Joe DiMaggio head up the game’s voice talent while artists including Red Fang, Power Trip, METZ, Aesop Rock and Ty Segall have contributed music.

With its satirical, self-aware tone, Adult-Swim aesthetic, frantic gameplay and stellar soundtrack, Freedom Finger looks like a blast, plus the ability to grab enemy weapons and use them against them puts an original twist on a classic genre.

Check out Freedom Finger’s E3 2019 trailer below:


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