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E3 2019: Inhabit Nature In Lost Ember, Releasing July 19th

First shown at E3 2016, Lost Ember, the debut project from German studio Mooneye, is a charming indie game that lets you explore nature by inhabiting animals. While gems like this can often get buried in the buzz of E3, Kinda Funny took time to feature the game’s recent release announcement trailer alongside a bunch of other indie games in its Games Showcase.

The trailer (below) gives us a look at the game’s gorgeous art style and shows off its core mechanic. Playing as a fox you’ll transmute into all manner of other creatures; soar over canopies as a parrot, swim the seas as a fish and roll down hills as a wombat. As you explore the world through these different creatures you’ll uncover the secrets of an ancient culture and discover the story of a long lost civilization.

You can find out more about Lost Ember on the game’s official site and play it when it launches next month on July 19th.

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