E3 2019: Jason’s Dreams, Wishes and ‘Out There’ Predictions

For my E3 2019 list, I have been a little less focused on gaming than I would like this year, so most of my E3 stuff is not really that spicy or revolutionary. Some of these are more wishful thinking than predictions, but I did it my way. I’m basically the Frank Sinatra of gaming. Or something.

Most Wanted Reveals

Doom Eternal is going to release this year. I just don’t know when. My guess is November. Bethesda is planning to show more gameplay at its event, and I can’t wait to see how they increase the intensity.

The simply-named return of the franchise was my game of the year in 2016. Give me more of everything from that game with more tight and gory action, and it may take the crown again three years later.

Here’s something that hits my list every year. Square Enix is promising more Final Fantasy VII news, and there are rumors it will release next year. If you can get them to stop announcing games that are years away from release, we might be able to pin them down on this one. [Ed note: It has actually been announced as releasing in 2020. Dreams do come true, for Jason at least!]

Will it be perfect? No, but it could still be great. The secret will be in how much restraint they exercise when tinkering with the remake. Don’t try to appeal to everyone, keep the core characters, story, and mechanics with some slight tweaks. I want Final Fantasy VII, not a retelling cast through a modern lens.

The last reveal should be The Last of Us 2’s release date. Stop teasing us, Naughty Dog. This one would fit nicely in a September or October release, but my guess is that it’s coming in 2020 for reasons I’ll talk about later.

As a bonus reveal date, I want to know when I’ll be playing The Outer Worlds. I need a little RPG action in my life (they’re everywhere, but I love them), and Obsidian knows RPGs. There was a rumor it was coming early August, but I want fire not just a lot of smoke. [Ed (again): Aaaaaaand this one has been announced just hours before this article was due to go live. Once again, Jason has had his wishes come true. Maybe it’s time to play the lotto?]

If nothing else, I want more developers to start realizing that there is nothing sacred about these games or genres that limit them to specific developers. Other companies can make sprawling games with their own vision and fewer bugs.

Predictions or Wishes

The PS4 is going to have an explosive final year with some really big games, but I think we’re going to see more PSVR games take some time in the sun for this E3 as Sony starts to hold back some surprises for the PS5.

With Blood & Truth showing what’s possible and the PSVR being compatible with the PS5, I think more teams are going to be encouraged to keep pumping money into experiences for it. Sony has the opportunity to lead that charge. We could also have No Man’s Sky PSVR content drop during E3.

We are at the end of the PS4 and the beginning of the PS5, so I think we are going to see some games releasing on both systems. Specifically, The Last of Us 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 will be marquee games that will be bought on either system. Playing them on the PS4 will be good. Seeing them on the PS5 will be great.

Services are going to be introduced. I almost put this under mad predictions, but I’m hoping for a PS Plus announcement of some kind. I know the odds are slim, but I think services are already becoming a revenue stream as important to Sony as selling hardware and games.

I’m hoping they decide to improve existing services, but my guess is that they will just introduce new ones or even tier the current systems with more benefits for more cash. I don’t necessarily like that, but I could see it happening.

Finally, if I buy a game on the PS4 that’s also released for the PS5, I want it to be console agnostic. I want to be able to use my PS4 disc in the PS5, download some extra textures or updates, and have the same game as if I bought it for the PS5.

I thought there was a replacement program for a small fee for at least one game in the PS3 to PS4 transition, but backwards compatibility means it’s already most of the way there. Maybe the really mad part is that this shouldn’t be limited to first party games, but all games that release for both consoles.

Mad Predictions

It’s weird that we already know more about what’s in the PS5 box that what the box looks like. I want more solid details about the specs, but I’d really like to see the design and answer more general questions. Will we still be able to replace the hard drive whenever we want? Yeah, it’ll just be a black box with LED lighting, but I’m curious to see where Sony goes with it.

In the same way, I want to see the DualShock5 design. This generation’s controller was excellent from feel to function after a few updates, but, even at the beginning, it was a great foundation with some substantial changes that showed the company’s vision for what the console would be. I think they’ll continue a slow drip marketing campaign, so this is probably not going to happen.

If I’m shooting for the moon, we’ll see the PSVR2. The rumors are all over the place with this one, but I think we need to make some giant leaps for the future. I’m hoping for a wireless headset that gives me an enormous step up in visuals with improvements (software and hardware) that further help to alleviate motion sickness problems. I want more people to be able to jump into it without worrying they are going to puke in my living room. The truly mad part is that I want it to be $199.99.

The truly mad cherry on top is this: I think Bethesda will announce a new gaming engine and move future games to it. The company has been drowning in a poop-filled, PR river. They need to demonstrate they are listening to their fans and seriously committed to making a real change that breaks with the past’s problems.

As a demonstration of their break with the past, they may even try to execute Andrew W. K during an on-stage performance to prove it, but his trademark white t-shirt is also bullet proof (a little known fact). It will be weird, because he doesn’t seem like a bad guy and had nothing to do with those bad decisions, but the new engine thing will block that out from everyone’s mind.

I am obligated to tell you that’s a joke (or satire), but the Andrew W.K. thing is more likely than a new engine.

Those are my wishes and predictions for E3 2019. I’ll probably see something after it’s published that I wish I had included, but I’ll be watching for all the news and announcements with plenty of excitement, especially since our fearless leader, Chris, will be on location. It should be an interesting year for games no matter what happens.

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