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E3 2019: PS5 is More Powerful Than Microsoft’s Next Xbox, According to Developers (Rumour)

Ah, next-gen rumours. Here. We. Go.

We all know that the PS5 and Microsoft’s next Xbox are coming. We even know that the next Xbox, dubbed ‘Project Scarlett’, is due to release on the back-end of 2020. We’ve even heard about what’s inside the machines, though there’s still some wiggle room on either side as the consoles aren’t due to release for another 18 months or so.

Yet, word on the E3 showfloor is that the PS5 will be a more powerful machine than Microsoft’s Project Scarlett. This rumour comes by way of Game Informer editor Andrew Reiner, so it’s not as if it’s jut some rando on Twitter spewing unfounded rumours. This is a dude who has been on the showfloor at Los Angeles and actually spoken to developers who, for the most part, will know what the specs of the next-gen machines are as they’re working games for them and have been for some time.

However, it’s still just a rumour at this time. There’s also the fact that Microsoft is aiming to release more than one console as part of its next-gen plans, with word on the street being that one will be a standard model while another will be a higher-spec, premium machine. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: Twitter

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