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E3 2019: Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is One Part Farmer, One Part Fighter

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin may be one of the most unique games announced at E3. As Sakuna, a harvest goddess, you live out your lazy life in the capitol until you are banished to an island to investigate why demons are invading and harassing the local populace. It happens to be the same island where your parents met and defeated some powerful foe in the past.

When you get to the island, they want you to earn your keep. You will need to participate in farming, and the trailer shows you tilling, planting, and harvesting to keep from starving. This leads to a lot of complaining and a sore back and muscles.

You will need to work with the villagers to ensure everyone survives, but it’s not limited to keeping food on the table. The other half of Sakuna is a side-scrolling action game. There are baddies to beat, including skeleton monsters and wild animals, and protecting the villagers by hunting will keep a spoiled goddess very busy.

The game is being developed by Edelweiss, the creators of Astebreed. It looks to be a very different game with a farming sim, crafting, and action rolled into one package, but I’m digging the genre blending. It could be something very interesting when it launches this winter.

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