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E3 2019: The Damned DLC Coming to Arizona Sunshine this Summer

The Walking Dead Onslaught isn’t the only PSVR Zombie news we got that at this years E3. It looks like we’re all heading back to Arizona, as Vertigo Games is dropping their largest story-based DLC for Arizona Sunshine yet with this summer’s The Damned.

In The Damned, you’ll play as a member of a US Special Forces team that must reactivate a hydroelectric dam (oh, now I get it) to return power to a missile defense system. As you can see from the new trailer above, you’ll still see plenty of desert action, but it does feature some new locales.

It’s nice to see an early VR stalwart like Arizona Sunshine still receiving content nearly three years after its original release, although one has to wonder if a sequel will ever shamble into existence.

We have no word on the price of The Damned just yet but expect to see it hit the PlayStation store August 27th.

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