E3 2019: Torchlight II Coming This Fall

The PS4 will be gaining a new hack ‘n’ slash dungeon crawler this year. On September 3rd, Torchlight II will come to the PS4, and it’s bringing a gift in the form of a free pet. The faerie will be your constant companion as you delve the depths and face monsters, but it won’t be your only option. The sequel is bringing a party system, so you and friends can gather loot together.

The ARPG sequel will take place in Vilderan, and feature the same art style that set it apart from other games. Fans can expect to see more customizations for your character and improvements to the targeting system. The game’s UI will be updated for the console, and, developers, that’s something that always makes me glad. Speaking of developers, the team at Panic Button is handling this one.

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Torchlight II will release on September 3rd for $19.99.

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