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E3 2019: Yakuza No Longer a PlayStation Exclusive, According to SEGA

The Yakuza franchise has been kicking butt on the PlayStation for some time now. But it might be ready to share that whooping around with other formats. So, basically, it’s going to be as exclusive as most relationships today.

That news comes from the horse’s mouth, SEGA, who thinks its new found popularity makes the move a viable choice.

They are keen to stress that not every title will be a universal offering, but instead the decision will be made on a disc by disc basis. However, further ports on to PC, at least, are very likely. Just don’t expect all versions to launch on the same day.

James Clark, Vice President of Publishing at SEGA, told PC Gamer:

“It’s in the mindset of [Sega] Japan and Europe now, and the US, to think of it as a multi-format offering.

“That’s not saying everything’s going to be multi-format, but we’re able now to consider that data.”

Currently the studio are working on a spin-off title called Judgement, which has been marketed as a PlayStation exclusive until now. However, SEGA admitted that this too could change at a later date, if their numbers support a secondary release on other formats. It is scheduled to launch in eleven days time, on June 25th. And on everything else, who knows when.

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