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E3 2020 Organisers Promise a Revitalised Experience and Better Data Protection for Media

Last year’s E3 – E3 2019 – was fantastic. It marked the first time that Pure PlayStation was represented on the show floors, though it was only me rolling solo. You can read all about my E3 2019/Las Vegas adventures here if you haven’t already.

Something that left a sour taste after the doors closed was the massive data leak. The E3 website wasn’t locked down well enough, and thousands of media people’s details were leaked onto the internet. This isn’t good, obviously, and the organisers of E3 (ESA) have promised to step up digital security. For those of us planning to venture to Los Angeles this June to work the E3 crowds, this is great news. But what about everybody else? Will E3 still be E3? The short answer is yes, the long answer is yes, but different.

The ESA had previously stated that it wanted to turn E3 into a fan event with influencers, celebrities and stage events and a bigger push towards the event being a three-day celebration of video games and gaming culture. It’ll still be a big thing for companies to show their wares to media and fans, but there will be a bigger focus on getting fans through the doors and keeping them entertained.

“E3 2020 will be a new and revitalized experience for everyone – the many exhibitors committed to the show, the members of the media who have supported us for so many years, and the fans and community that are the heart and soul of video games.”

E3 2020 registration opens on February 15th, 2020, so if you’re interested in going, keep an eye out for registration details in the near future.

Source: The ESA

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