E3 2021: Organisers Say It’s Going Ahead and Will Be an “Experience” – All Digital Event?

E3 2020 was, unfortunately, cancelled due to The Rona. It sucked. Big time. We were supposed to be there. Flights were booked and hotels were paid for, but it was all for nought.

This year, we’ve gone for the safe option of assuming that E3 2021 won’t be going ahead. But, according to the ESA it will go ahead. But will it be the E3 we know and love?

The official E3 Twitter account has declared that the show will be returning this year and that the organisers have been hard at work on the “E3 2021 experience”. The tweet itself is a little cagey and doesn’t specify how the event will go ahead. It’s likely that E3 2021 will be an all-digital event in light of the ongoing pandemic, but until the ESA provides more details, we’re left guessing.

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There is the promise of “more news soon” so hopefully we’ll get some clarification. Either way, we’ll be doing our E3 coverage from the safety of our homes. Whether we will wear pants is still an ongoing discussion…

Source: Twitter

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