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EA Access Brings a Vault Full of Games to PS4 This Summer

Remember back in 2014 when Sony rubbished the idea of EA Access on PS4, with the company saying it didn’t represent value to players. Well how things change, right? EA has announced that its subscription service EA Access will be coming to PS4 later this year. Previously, EA Access has only been available on Xbox One and PC.

The subscription service gives players access to a back catalogue of EA game, early access to new releases and discounts on brand new games. However, don’t expect the PS4 version of EA Access as the Xbox One. Given the lack of backwards compatibility on PS4, the back catalogue of games will be fewer as it will be missing the last-gen releases available on Xbox One.

The cost will be the same as it is for Xbox One. A month will set you back £3.99/$4.99 though you can reduce the monthly cost by getting a yearly subscription for £19.99/$29.99. The bad news for chumps like me is that if you already subscribe to EA Access or Origin Access on Xbox One and PC, your subscription is not valid on PS4 and you’ll have to pay again. That’s how it has always been, to be fair; subscriptions don’t carry over from Xbox One to PC either.

There’s no firm release date as of yet, but the EA Access page notes that it will be available from July 2019 on PS4.

But should you subscribe? Take it from me, EA Access is really good value, especially if EA games make up a large chunk of your gaming time. Even without the last-gen games on PS4, I think I’ll be forking over for a subscription, just for the convenience of being able to play Battlefield, Star Wars, and FIFA online where the majority of my mates play.

Source: EA

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