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EA Access PS4 Release Date and Pricing Revealed; Parity With Xbox One Pricing

It has taken years and years for EA Access to make its way to PS4, but this July it will finally be happening, even after Sony said it wasn’t a good deal for us PS4 gamers. How the tides have turned…

EA has revealed that its EA Access subscription service will release on PS4 on July 24th. What’s more is that the pricing isn’t going to be any different to what players have enjoyed over in Xbox One land. I’m a citizen there and I can confirm the pricing is good, and that I’ll also be tempted to subscribe on PS4 as the pricing is identical. You can snap up a monthly subscription for £3.99/$4.99, or go all-out and sort yourself out with a year’s subscription for a very reasonable £19.99/$29.99.

EA Access is a subscription service that gives players a selection of EA games to download and play, all for one monthly/yearly fee. The EA back catalogue is fairly decent with plenty of Battlefield games and annual sports releases to catch up on. However, unlike on Xbox One where backwards compatibility with last-gen and even the generation before that is available, us PS4 players won’t have access to nearly as many games; it’ll only be PS4 releases. It’s still a good deal, mind you, and if the subscription service survives and carries forward onto PS5, we’ll be looking at a very competitive service with enough games to warrant the relatively low subscription price.

In addition to getting a decent library of games to play at your leisure, there’s also the added bonus of free game trial on new releases as well as some discounts on said new releases. If you regularly find yourself playing EA games, it might be worth dropping the cash on a yearly subscription.

Source: EA

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