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EA Drops Ronaldo From FIFA 19 Cover

EA has dropped Juventas star Ronaldo from the cover of FIFA 19, though only for digital editions of the game. The announcement came as part of a cheeky Tweet from the EA FIFA account and there was no real reason give for the change.

However, many can already hazard a guess. Ronaldo has been in the middle of a very public bit of bother that involves a lady in Las Vegas and an accusation of rape. Oh, and a kind of admission of rape, too.

The new FIFA 19 cover now features three of Europe’s biggest players to tie in with the upcoming UEFA Champions League that will kick off soon. The three new cover stars are Dybala, De Bruyne and Neymar.

Furthermore, from here on out EA will gift five Champions League player items (that cannot be traded, mind) as well as a Player Pick loan item that’s good for 10 games. You can even choose one of the three new faces of FIFA 19.

Bye-bye, Ronaldo.

Source: Twitter

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