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EA Leaves Gameplay Untouched in First FIFA 19 Patch

As the first patch for FIFA 19 is being readied for release, EA Sports has used this time as an opportunity to explain how the update system will work this time around. The studio is hoping their speech will give players a glimpse into their methods and hopefully explain a bit of their madness.

One such move is to leave the gameplay and its associated physics untouched for the time being. The logic? To keep it as consistent as possible whilst gathering vast amounts of in depth feedback from players, which will ultimately be compiled to help decide what actually needs changing. Instead, they will only work on targeted fixes that will have no detrimental impact on how the game feels between sessions. This will ensure returning players and new fans alike are able to learn the controls without the worry of significant changes coming in to play and ruining their pre-match preparations.

In their own words,

“We don’t want FIFA 19 to get drastic changes, but we are absolutely monitoring for bugs or tuning that needs to be addressed in future patches.”

In line with their above clarification, the first patch will in fact include two essential bug fixes to gameplay specific issues. The first addresses the error in animation when a laced shot was instead accompanied by side of the foot animation. And the inconsistency of the power meter in online free kicks, whereby a player may select less power but the shot was ultimately played at 100%, has also been fixed. Though, it is easy to see that both of these bugs could prove detrimental to the immersive atmosphere, and whose fixes are more cosmetic than tremorous to the underlying foundations.

Traits will have a more considerate addressing when the patch drops, with the following fixes scheduled:

  • Some Traits that no longer had any functionality in gameplay were still displaying in the Front End.
  • Some Traits that did have functionality in gameplay were not displaying in the Front End.
  • Added (CPU AI-controlled players only) to the names of Traits that only have an effect on players when they are controlled by the CPU AI.
    • A refresher on what we mean by “CPU AI.”
      • The CPU plays the game as you would, limited by the same input restrictions that a human player is.
      • This means that the CPU team has an active player, just like you do, which we call the CPU AI-controlled player.
      • A CPU AI-controlled player exists in the following circumstances:
        • On a team with no human players.
          • For example, the CPU-controlled team in Squad Battles.
        • On a team with human players who are all locked to specific players, that also has CPU teammates.
          • For example, a Pro Clubs team, with less than 11 human players, with no “ANY” player.
        • A CPU AI-controlled player does not exist in the following circumstances:
          • On a team with human players who are not locked to specific players.
            • For example, a team in FUT Champions.

In addition, the oher fixes include affixing Neymar before Jr on the player’s shirt, as the first part was at times missing. And ensuring that the anthem plays without hiccup during the Champions League line ups. The patch notes in their entirety can be found here.

FIFA 19 made it to number 1 on its launch week, but physical sales were down a quarter. Did you opt for digital? Shoot a comment our way.

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