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EA Play 2020: Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay Trailer May Be the Closest Thing to a New X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter

During the EA Play presentation tonight, a new gameplay trailer was dropped for Star Wars: Squadrons. In almost six minutes, we are given a full look at the game. First, if you’ve been ignoring the game because of the focus on multiplayer, you’ll be happy to know that it will come with a singleplayer campaign that will encompass both the rebel and imperial factions. You’ll play as a pilot on either side, and, surprise, your actions will impact the galaxy.

They also detailed the ships you’ll be able to pilot. There are eight (four on each side) spread across the different classes of fighter, interceptor, support, and bombers. The interior of the ship will give you info about your power management, weapon charges and remaining ammo, speed, and damage. It really reminded me of my PC days playing the Tie Fighter and X-Wing games, and I’d welcome a game that could give me the same experience.

Those ships are for decorating and outfitting as much as killing. The trailer showed you could unlock new ways to customize your ship. These included different colors, but there are around 50 different components and weapons too. This is your toolbox of ways to encounter a different mission when you can choose tactics ranging from stealth to bombing. Your pilot is customizable too, but you can look amazing in anything if you save the galaxy.

The multiplayer does appear to be a big part of the game. Team deathmatch is called Dogfight mode, and it will include two teams of five. Fleet battles have three stages beginning with a dogfight, proceeding to a fight or defense of two capital ships, and end with an attack on the enemy’s flagship. As much as I’m trying to relive the glory of my singleplayer past, it’s an interesting idea.

Star Wars: Squadrons is leaving the hangar bay on October 2nd, and it will be completely playable in PSVR. Check out the trailer for actual gameplay, and you can check out the EA Play show for more details.

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