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EA Promises To Blow Your Mind Next Generation

It’s no secret that the next generation of consoles are going to be powerful things. But EA are keen to reassure gamers that the jump in performance is definitely going to be noticeable. No doubt about it. So noticeable, in fact, that their plans for it are going to blow your mind!

At least, according to their CFO Blake Jorgensen who used the phrase during a discussion with their investors. And he should know, right?

Now, I’m quite fond of my mind. It allows me to write these little tidbits, for starters. But when it comes to gaming technology, and performance, I’m more than happy to be blown away. After all, there’s nothing worse than stuttering frame rates. And, as the years pass, there’s nothing worse than last-generation graphics. It’s all about realism now; over the top, pixel to pixel action. Something that is only becoming possible thanks to technological advancements.

And something that will be reaching its current peak sometime in December.

So far, we outsiders have had to make do with rumoured specifications. But a number of first-party studios have had the opportunity to test its potential. And by the sounds of it, the PlayStation 5 is living up to expectations. Or as Jorgensen put it:

“The power of the new consoles is gonna be substantially greater than existing consoles.

“We can do a lot more [with the PS5 and Xbox Series X]. Things we’re doing will blow people’s minds.”

Now, I don’t know about you but that’s music to my ears. It confirms that we can expect to get our money’s worth in improvements when the console drops later this year. And that the development companies are keen to exploit it. Roll on the next generation!

Source: IGN

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