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EA Reveals That It Was PS4’s Number One Publisher In The Last Quarter Of 2015

Yesterday EA revealed its financial results for the fiscal quarter ending on December 31st, 2015. There’s plenty of interesting information to be had by looking through the results, but here at Pure PlayStation we care about one thing: PlayStation. When it comes to these reports a little digging around goes a long way. Here’s what we found:

EA is the #1 publisher on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One consoles in the Western World for the calender year 2015 based on available sources and EA estimates.

While the financial results were only dealing with the last quarter of 2015 the above quote implies that EA was not only PlayStation’s number one publisher in the last quarter of the year, but that they were the number one publisher for the entire year.

It’s no surprise that EA’s games sold well on PlayStation considering it released more than a few big hitters, such as Madden 16, FIFA 16 and Star Wars: Battlefront to name but a few, but on the flip side the firm also released a disaster or two – we’re looking at you, overpriced Battlefront season pass.

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