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EA Sold 47% of Its PS4 and Xbox One Games Digitally in the Last 12 Months, Up From 37% Last Year

The rise of digital distribution has been fast and fierce. A decade ago it was almost unheard of for games to sell so well digitally on consoles. This generation has been a tipping point and EA has the numbers to prove it.

Speaking on today’s quarterly earnings call, EA’s Andrew Wilson and Blake Jorgensen spoke about the shift in consumer spending habits, particularly towards digital downloads. According to EA, 47% of the games it sold on PS4 and Xbox One in the last 12 months were digital rather than physical, and that it’s an increase over the previous year’s 37% digital sales.

EA has been making strides in recent years in pushing players towards digital, for better and for worse. The tiered release of the upcoming BioWare game Anthem is a prime example of the worse, while the likes of Unravelled Two and A Way Out are prime examples of the better.

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