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EA Sports Are All Set to Keep Madden NFL Licence Until 2026, At Least

Madden NFL

2K Sports recently announced their intention of entering the arcade style NFL market, which made us all question the longevity of the EA Sports deal. But today we have learned that the main player in this market has no intention of calling a time out. And will instead be making Madden NFL series until its 27th incarnation, at least. However, any less serious games will have to be shared with 2K Sports – so the latter did manage to achieve a good licensing deal in their own right. The only question is, ‘is there enough room for the two of them?’

After all, their games are undoubtedly going to be pitched against each other. And the press/public will happily compare the results. If one outperforms the other, who knows how things could change?

This is big news. But even though the franchise is based on one of the world’s most loved sports, the video game supremo has failed to meet expectations in recent years. A bit like FIFA, I guess, where little is changed year on year but somehow the basics can become broken. Or fail to hold your attention. However, it must be pointed out that the NFL are a commercial brand who’s image can be impacted by the game’s poor performance. So, they would be quite smart to include somewhere in the contract a clause that says ‘if public opinion fails to meet the standards we expect, the licence will be relinquished’. That way 2K Sports, or another capable studio, could take up the reins and run with it.

And a breath of fresh air may be all it takes to revitalise this lacklustre series.

It is worth pointing out that the paperwork is, as of yet, unsigned. But it sounds a lot like a done deal, so I don’t think anything contrasting is going to be announced. Now, I know that is news that will disappoint a number of you. But unfortunately, there isn’t much possibility of a big change in tact. Especially in today’s reality. Yet, it is in EA’s best interest to listen to the views of gamers. So, be vocal and share your opinion. And if that doesn’t work, maybe protest with your wallet. They’ll get the message eventually…


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