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EA Sports UFC 2 File Size Revealed

While Irish UFC fans were crushed after Conor McGregor’s defeat to Nate Diaz in Vegas last night, UFC/video game fans (even McGregor’s) do have two things to be happy about. Number one is that UFC 2 won’t take up too much space on their PS4’s hard drive and number two is that the game is due out this month, on the 17th to be precise.

If you are eagerly awaiting the game then make sure you have 19.1GB of free space on you hard drive or there’ll be no room for poor UFC 2. However, as always you should be aware that the file size may increase with a day one patch or additional download files, but we don’t expect it to rise too much.

Remember, if you pre-order the game you’ll get day one access to Mike Tyson, Bas Rutten and Kazushi Sakuraba. We’ve included a screenshot from the PS Store down below so you can check out the file size for yourself.

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